Types of Products

We provide durable, long-lasting concrete products for both residential and commercial customers.


For residential customers that are looking for concrete to build a new home, renovate a property, or add a pool to your home, you’ll want to receive the correct product for your application at affordable rates. Our personnel will ensure that you’re getting what you want, when you want it.


For our commercial customers that are in the market for industrial strength concrete, give us a call! Island Ready-Mix has provided concrete products for schools, buildings, warehouses, commercial developments and more. Many homes and businesses in our community have concrete products that were manufactured and provided by us, including the attractions and amenities at Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park (Wet’n’Wild Hawaii).

Our Products

Ready-Mix Concrete

Concrete products are available in various types, from standard residential and commercial mixes to government specified mixes.

Light-Weight Concrete

We are able to produce lightweight structural concrete and fill, to meet various specifications and applications. Our products are produced using Miracon’s ToughAir technology.

Concrete with CO2

All concrete that is produced at Island Ready Mix, incorporates CarbonCure’s mineralization technology, to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Services

GPS Truck Tracking

All of our Ready Mix trucks are equipped with tablets to monitor scheduled deliveries and on time performance. This technology keeps us informed of your delivery from start to finish.

Truck Washout System

All of our Ready Mix trucks are equipped with a truck washout system, which prevents cement slurry being discharged on to the ground, during the cleanup process at the end of each delivery. Discharge on to the ground violates the EPA’s Clean Water Act (CWA).

Real-Time Concrete Monitoring

All of our Ready Mix trucks are equipped with a concrete monitoring system, which enables us to see in REAL-TIME the condition of concrete mixes that are being manufactured, in transit and pouring at jobsites.

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At Island Ready-Mix Concrete, we are always happy to provide an estimate on the cost of concrete before you begin construction on your property. Contact us today and we will discuss with you the best concrete product for your project.

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